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Crowds greet Big Boy in Laramie NEWSWIRE

By | May 5, 2019

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Huge crowds gather at the Union Pacific depot in Laramie, Wyo., to greet the arrival of Big Boy 4-8-8-4 No. 4014 and 4-8-4 No. 844 as they make the first stop on their journey to Utah for the Golden Spike sesquicentennial.
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10 thoughts on “Crowds greet Big Boy in Laramie NEWSWIRE

  1. When the folks in Laramie find out that they could have stood right next to the entire train up the road in Medicine Bow (no fences) they will be disappointed.

  2. To Jeff Butler & Terry: you need to update your Firefox to dispel the Trains Blockage like I was just forced to do for the same reason

  3. It seems they are greasing the rods in almost every vidio. (you can hear the gun packing in grease)
    Is this normal or is there a problem they are dealing with?

  4. I am in several of the shots. Best one is when he gets the close-up in the cab, I am the guy in the red flannel shirt and official 4014 olive-drab cap at right in the shot. Yeah, just the back of my head, but hey – it’s good enough for the grandkids back home!HahA! Check out my POV video of this arrival on the official UP Steam Club on Facebook, it is found as “GT’s Post #3” and “…3a”, it has a great video shot of the Big Boy and the intermodal arriving together, a head-on shot at eye-level with Ed and the gang in the cab, as he pulls to a full stop right next to me. Talk about picking a great spot to stand, couldn’t have done better if I’d pre-arranged it with Ed that morning.

  5. This is where UP City of St Louis started running on Overland Route. Came up from Denver, and bypassed Cheyenne. I remember the depot with a stagecoach by it, on one of my trips we had breakfast in diner with a guy getting off there to work at dude ranch for summer.

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