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Big Boy 4014 in Cheyenne NEWSWIRE

By | May 5, 2019

4-8-8-4 is christened, then hits the road for Utah

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Big crowds greet the arrival of Union Pacific’s restored Big Boy No. 4014 as it arrives at the Cheyenne, Wyo., depot for its christening ceremony. After UP CEO Lance Fritz and his wife christen the massive locomotive, it departs with UP’s other active steam engine, 4-8-4 No. 844, on the start of its trip to Utah for the Golden Spike’s 150th anniversary.

7 thoughts on “Big Boy 4014 in Cheyenne NEWSWIRE

  1. I remember sitting in the Engineer’s seat on 4014 when it was at the LA County fairgrounds. It was always one of my first stops.

  2. Congratulations to Ed Dickens and the entire heritage team for completing this herculean task!

  3. IT’S ALIVE! WOW. Thank you UNION PACIFIC. This is hard to believe but a couple of years ago, nobody would have predicted it. I wish all those who worked to make this happen all the praise they deserve. THANK YOU.

  4. Where’s the cover for the chain? I’m watching Last of the Giants, and there’s a cover over the chain.

  5. They are some beautiful, steam breathing marvels. Thanks to all that helped get them there. I also never knew there was a tender with 7 axel’s.

  6. way to go blocking the video with the stupid banner. !!We know it is TRAINS !! you folks are really getting bad at your reporting !

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