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SP No. 18 arrives in Durango NEWSWIRE

By | November 5, 2018

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SP No. 18 rides the turntable at Durango, Colo., on Nov. 3.
Jerry Day
DURANGO, Colo. – “Some assembly required.”

That’s the thought going through the minds of shop crews at Durango & Silverton this morning as they contemplate steaming Southern Pacific 4-6-0 No. 18, which arrived by truck from California over the weekend. No. 18’s whaleback tender arrived late last month from its home in Independence, Calif.

A short-term lease of the 1911 Baldwin, last used by the Southern Pacific on its isolated narrow gauge line in eastern California until 1960, was hammered out between Inyo County, which owns the locomotive, and the Durango & Silverton.

Once the locomotive and tender are remarried in Durango, they will be used to train Durango & Silverton employees on how to maintain and operate oil-fired steam power. In addition, Durango & Silverton will operate excursion trains with No. 18 on select Thursdays in January and February 2019. The Colorado railroad also is in the process of converting Denver & Rio Grande Western K-37 No. 493 to oil firing.

No. 18’s visit is the latest in a long list of narrow gauge luminaries to visit the D&S. The other notable steam locomotive has been privately-owned 4-4-0 Eureka, based in Las Vegas.

The locomotive was restored to service by volunteers with the nonprofit Carson & Colorado Railway, headed by Dave Mull. It is scheduled to be in Colorado until June 2019.

5 thoughts on “SP No. 18 arrives in Durango NEWSWIRE

  1. Bravo! Not only is Southern Pacific 4-6-0 No.18 making Breaking News in the railroad preservation circles, the fact that D&SNG and Inyo County were able to work out a deal for No.18 to spend time in Colorado, is in itself a beautiful story how people can join together for a common cause and help one another without any nasty political bickering whatsoever.

    Now if our elected officials in DC Comicsville would only stop, look, listen, and learn, something positive from this historic event we might have a fighting chance afterall to return honesty, integrity, respect, and ethics, back to our nation’s capitol and have the major problems facing the United States in Century 21 solved in the bi-partisan way I’m sure our founding fathers intended when they composed and wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Professional railroaders and railfans worldwide share one of the grandest occupations and hobbies our planet has witnessed since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Trains have no borders and the men and women who make up railroading, regardless of race, color, creed, or religion, belong to the most wonderful family on Planet Earth! In these extreme trying times it has never been more important as it is today to insure that our children and future generations can join together for a common cause and enjoy life to it’s fullest extent without fear of each other.

    Where can it begin you ask?

    The World’s Greatest Hobby is where!

    Pray for Peace


  2. Joseph Toth,

    Nice statement, only one problem, this wasn’t between 2 political organizations, or even one really, it was between a private enterprise and a county(which is far different than the Federal government mind you). Since one organization was a private business, no politics involved…only the discussion of compensation(money) I’m sure.

  3. I knew someone would bring up politics.

    Regarding the “gentlemen’s agreement” between D&SNG and Inyo County: Since Inyo is a bonified county who is the legal owner of SP No.:18 some politics had to play at least a small part in the loan of the locomotive to the D&SNG.

    Unless I wasn’t paying attention to my ninth grade civics teacher, Inyo County is as much a government agency as the nation’s capitol in DC. The size being the difference but both still govern a specific area.

    Though there have been times in American history where there were disputes between the governing bodies, not since the period leading up to the War Between the States, has the nation been so divided as it currently is, to the point of violence not seen in decades.

    Financial compensation? It seems to me that it’s almost impossible for some to see the positive side when two parties come together when one is seeking assistance as in the case of the D&SNG requiring an oil fired steam locomotive for it’s employees to train on.

    Just goes to show you the influence that Wall Street shysters have on many citizens.

  4. It is very good to see the Durango and Silverton borrowing a locomotive for instructional purposes. Given the ongoing drought conditions and issues with the propensity of the coal burning locomotive to start brushfires, the conversion to oil burning may be necessary for the steam locomotives to continue operating.

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