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Steamtown begins cosmetic restoration of Big Boy No. 4012 NEWSWIRE

By | October 2, 2019

Visitors will not have access to locomotive during 'multi-month' process

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Steamtown’s Big Boy, No. 4012, is moved on the historic site’s turntable prior to the start of a cosmetic restoration.
National Park Service

SCRANTON, Pa. — Steamtown National Historic Site has removed its Big Boy locomotive from public display to perform cosmetic restoration and repainting of the Union Pacific 4-8-8-4. Visitors will not have access to the locomotive during the project.

Steamtown’s locomotive, No. 4012, is one of just eight Big Boys preserved nationwide and the only one in the eastern U.S. Always a popular attraction, public interest in the locomotive has increased with the return to operation of sister locomotive No. 4014, which earlier this year participated in 150th-anniversary ceremonies of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad and is currently on a 60-day tour of western and southern portions of the Union Pacific system.

In a press release announcing the restoration project, Steamtown says it will provide occasional updates on the locomotive’s status via the historic site’s website and social media outlets. The release indicates the restoration will be a “multi-month process” but does not offer an estimated completion date.

9 thoughts on “Steamtown begins cosmetic restoration of Big Boy No. 4012 NEWSWIRE

  1. Why “just eight”? I can’t think of any other model of steam locomotive in the US where there are nearly as many examples preserved. Exception could be on the Colorado narrow gage.

  2. Bill Saurteig,

    The K-4 is no longer at Steamtown, it’s been returned to the museum in Altoona..if you’re referring to 1361, and that happened several years ago. Also, I believe there was some severe damage somewhere that is beyond the capabilities of Steamtown, but you could find that out for yourself with a simple Google search.

  3. It would really be neat if 4014 could make a trip to visit all the preserved Big Boys in the US. Who knows–there’s always next year.

  4. Steamtown was alot Junk Cars in that Yard that needs to melt down at the steel Mill around 60 to 80 cars melt down. They New Stuff up here.

  5. What would happen if they were to restore 4012 to the point where she could run excursions? I know it will never happen, but I’d be interested to know what they would be able to do with her. Heck, would the UP throw a fit over not having the only operating 4-8-8-4 anymore?

  6. I was recently at the Steamtown site and the Big Boy was not looking good. I know it is most likely impossible to make this engine operational but at least it should look good on display. Even if this Big Boy could be made operational it would be a waste of money unless like Union Pacific it could be run at speed on eastern main line railroads. With the attitude of both CSX and Norfolk Sourhern against even diesel powered fan trips where could Big Boy run?

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