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Under its own power, Big Boy moves outside of shop NEWSWIRE

By Jim Wrinn | May 2, 2019

Test run of 4-8-8-4 could come today

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Union Pacific Big Boy No. 4014 moved under its own power for the first time on Wednesday night, backing out of the Cheyenne shop. A test run could come today.
Michael Pannell
CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Big Boy is stretching his legs.
On Wednesday night, Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 No. 4014 backed out of the Back Shop where it was restored, the first time a Big Boy locomotive has moved under its own power since July 1959. A consist of a water and tool cars was at hand and there was talk of a quick test run to nearby Speer, Wyo., but that did not occur. A test run today, however, is a possibility. Whether that is to the wye at Speer, or to Greeley, Colo., a traditional break-in run destination, is not known.
The locomotive is nearing the completion of an almost three-year restoration that began in 2016 after 4-8-4 No. 844 was overhauled and returned to service in July of that year. UP had acquired the Big Boy in 2013 but didn’t launch work until after No. 844’s overhaul and a general upgrade of the steam shop.

The Big Boy debuts Saturday in a doubleheader with No. 844 on the first of a five-day sojourn from Cheyenne to Ogden. Rawlins, Wyo., will be the destination of the first day’s run. 

17 thoughts on “Under its own power, Big Boy moves outside of shop NEWSWIRE

  1. My daughter saw it on a UP Steam FB site, moving through the yard. I don’t have FB.:-(

  2. So how did it exit the shops 3 days ago when they worked on the whistle…I certainly didn’t see any shop switcher in sight and it was out of the doors while they spent a good 12 – 15 minutes working the kinks out of the whistle(it was on YouTube as someone videoed it through the overpass fence nearby).

  3. Gerald – they pulled it out with a high lift tractor. It was chained to the rear coupler of 3985’s tender which they are using until they convert 4014’s to use oil. There were also several GPs idling nearby – probable to push it back into the shop.

  4. Gerald, if you look at the video from Saturday, notice the are no piston rods installed either.

  5. What a thrill it must be for the UP guys who worked their asses off to arrive at this point. The whole world is watching.

  6. They only have TWO days now (today and tomorrow)!!! Ed and his crew had better get their “asses” MOVING now! Haha. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Get the “go ahead” from management along with a semi-clear mainline stretch of track and open up that son of a b***h!!! (the throttle)
    Time is a tickin’…

  7. Side question – Does anyone know when 4014 was (or will be) added to the active roster?

  8. Nuts! Richard beat me to it! So how’s this…

    “Do you believe in miracles? YES!!!”

  9. This is great. I’m waiting for it to return to it’s old home in Pomona for a run-by (maybe).

  10. Back in 1976 I received my first model train and it was a 4884 Big Boy.. Loved trains ever scenes.

  11. But why is 4014 using 3985’s tender instead of her own? Were they not able to complete restoring her own tender in time? Speaking of 3985, will she ever be restored to operation as well? I’m hearing rumors suggesting that 3985 might be retired and put on display somewhere with 4014’s tender displayed with her as her own, even though I thought that UP did say they would get to work on 3985 once the transcontinental 150th anniversary celebrations were done. (Note: My name is Wilson, not Mary. Mary is my mother’s name.)

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