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Erie Lackawanna SDP45 to leave Virginia for Ohio NEWSWIRE

By | September 1, 2018

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — The Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation has reached an agreement with the Virginia Museum of Transportation to purchase Erie Lackawanna SDP45 No. 3639, currently painted as Conrail No. 6670, and located in Roanoke, Va.

The foundation has initiated a fundraising drive, Extra 3693 North, with an initial goal of $20,000 to purchase and secure the locomotive. Additional fundraising will take place in 2019 to move the locomotive to the Marter Yard Railroad Museum, operated by the Mahoning Valley Railroad Heritage Association.

After arrival at Marter Yard, the SDP45 will remain in Conrail paint for a period of time before finally being repainted as Erie Lackawanna No. 3639.

“After years of watching this locomotive sit in the yard, now is our chance to provide it with a better future and bring it back to northeast Ohio, the former hub of the Erie Lackawanna Railway,” says foundation President Rick Rowlands.

The locomotive is in generally good condition despite missing several major components including the main generator, traction motors, and air compressor. An operational restoration is a long term goal.

Extra 3639 North pays homage to the defunct “Extra 2200 South” locomotive newsmagazine and describes the goal of this effort, to move the 3639 about 300 miles due north from Roanoke to Youngstown.

More information is available at including links to the main fundraising page, a video of a walkaround inspection of the 6670, and the latest updates on the project.

6 thoughts on “Erie Lackawanna SDP45 to leave Virginia for Ohio NEWSWIRE

  1. Yes we have made a deal to preserve this locomotive which has languished in the yard in Roanoke for way too long. We do need everyone’s help to make this a success though. Of our goal of $20,000 we have $3,000 committed so far with another $2,000 in pledges. That is 25% of the initial goal already “in the bag”. Go to for more information about the project, photos of how the locomotive looks now and the latest updates on the project. Thanks!

  2. First and Foremost, Thank You Trains, for posting this report.

    We live in difficult as well as trying times. Making donations to every preservation cause isn’t always possible for those of us who are retired and live on fixed incomes. In the case of E-L SDP-45 3639 I’m going to make an exception and have elected to support this unique project.

    The Erie-Lackawanna was a merger that worked and sadly, this great American railroad is no longer with us today, to help control the monopoly of giant Class One carriers CSX and Norfolk Southern. If still in business it would continue to deliver superior freight service to all customers, both on and offline alike, who would choose to use E-L!

    Rest in Peace Erie-Lackawanna. You are not forgotten!

  3. The E-L was the counterweight against Penn-Central, and is still sorely missed. Thank you for posting this. A photo or two, if available in your files, would also be appropriate.

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