February 2023

The February 2023 issue of Trains Magazine.


In this Issue

Owney the Railway Mail Service dog, p. 12

Mascot racked up 143,000 miles aboard Post Office mail cars

Three generations of railroaders, p. 16

How Central Indiana & Western thrives under the Brown family

When little trains made big trains, p. 22

Huge volumes of Southwest Virginia coal forced Southern Railway to innovate

Pushed off the mountain, p. 26

A farewell to Norfolk Southern’s SD40Es in helper service

In My Own Words: Oscar Spear teaches a valuable lesson, p. 36

Always watch the signals, even when you’re sitting on them

Nevada Northern throws a party, p. 38

The steam-powered landmark celebrates 35 years

In every issue

News p. 4

  • Amtrak reaches a deal on the Gulf Coast, and Canadian Pacific’s hydrogen locomotive makes its first run

Preservation p. 40

  • Five days after collision, Strasburg No. 475 returns

Train-Watching p. 44

  • Hot spot: Unusual diamond arrangement adds railfan interest in Muncie, Ind.

Ask Trains p. 46

  • EMD’s shortlived BL2 diesel, sorting out boxcar lengths, and why train wheels squeal