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Sketching with Steve: Staging cassettes

Staging yards are how we represent the rest of the world beyond the unavoidably finite portion modeled on our layouts. Trains that come and go from staging can be arriving from the next town down the line, the next division point, or the other side of the continent. Staging is invaluable to creating the illusion […]

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How do I use paper turnout templates?

Q: I’m looking to get back into model railroading and I’m having a hard time deciding on a layout. I’ve confused myself by looking at hundreds of plans, drawing possible layouts and trying design software. I would like to be able to use paper track templates, but I can’t find too much info on them. […]

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Designing a yard ladder

Sketching with Steve How you arrange the turnouts in your yards may be dictated by the prototype yard you might be modeling and at least in part by the shape of the benchwork at that location. But if you’re designing a yard that isn’t constrained by those factors – say, a staging yard on a […]

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