News & Reviews News Preview Model Railroader June and July 2023 content

Preview Model Railroader June and July 2023 content

By Rene Schweitzer | June 1, 2023

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Preview Model Railroader June and July 2023 content

We’re always adding new content to our website! Here are some recent stories you may have missed, and a look at some items coming in July.


Short Amtrak consists of the 1980s

A model passenger train goes through a bridge.
In the early daylight hours, Amtrak’s Hoosier State crosses over the White River on its way out of Indianapolis. Bryson Sleppy photo

Amtrak’s business model relies heavily on supply and demand, so when a route has a much bigger demand for service, they will add more cars or separate trains to serve that route. Here are some short Amtrak consists of the 1980s.

Built by Others: Michael Maurer’s On30 scale Wood Hog Lumber Co

An unfinished wood model railroad curved trestle without rails sitting on tan plywood surface

I’ve had an interest in logging railroading for some time. Recently, I started building my own version of the Olympia & Sand Creek On30 layout. I’d followed some of the videos on MR Video Plus (now Video), and I found the complete track plan as designed by David Popp in Model Railroading: The Ultimate Guide 2020. Because I had the space, I stretched the original plan several feet, making for a longer railroad that still follows the same track arrangement.

Coming in July. . .

Steam-themed photo gallery

We’re celebrating all things steam the first week in July, so look for a steam-filled photo gallery.

Roads roundup

Looking to add roads to your layout? Mitch Horner will present a list of products you can use.

Bicentennial paint schemes

Cody Grivno will showcase models with bicentennial paint schemes.

And more!

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