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Weathering Tips & Techniques

By Angela Cotey | October 20, 2020

Discover tips and techniques for weathering


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This download contains the following special sections:

  • Quick and dirty freight car weathering
  • Weathering your diesels
  • Weathering your structures
  • Painting and weathering track

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One thought on “Weathering Tips & Techniques

  1. Doesn’t do any good to give an article that refers you to another that you have to pay more for just to finish reading the suggestion on what you need to know about doing to finish on the first article!! I can see Model Railroader really has gone desperately down hill business wise. Buy magazine then have to go to web to read the rest of article then have to pay to read or watch it then be referred to another pay web site just to find the information that should have been in first article??
    I definitely call this a 175% SCAM ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DELETE INFORMATION UNDER 1 1/2 YEARS for ones of us that can’t spend lot of time getting on computer or have limited access to it!!

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