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Toy train smoke: Lots of scents available

By Hal | July 30, 2021

| Last updated on September 15, 2022

Classic Toy Trains editors sample the latest smoke fluids available in the Kalmbach Hobbystore

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Toy train smoke hijinx (and a minor train wreck) abound as Hal Miller and Rene Schweitzer try a variety of the scents in JT’s Mega Steam fluid line. The smoke fluids are now available from the Kalmbach Hobbystore.

Rene and Hal discover with their tests that there’s a world of smells beyond coal and diesel smoke. These fragrances include vanilla, candy cane, and grandpa’s pipe smoke. After a little trial and error, the pair even find that mixing different scents produces interesting combinations that toy train operators might find appealing. One combination included “Campfire” and “Christmas Pine.”

The products work equally well in MTH, Lionel, and other toy trains and are available through

The 2-ounce bottles are available for sale individually.

The smoke fluids scents available are: “Coal-fired steamer”; “Diesel power”; “Smoke pellet”; “Oil-fired steam”; “Candy Cane Express”; “Christmas Pine”; “Hot Chocolate”; “Vanilla”; “Coffee”; “Apple Harvest”; “Grandpa’s Pipe Smoke”; “Forest & Stream”; “Marx”; and “Campfire”.

More information on toy train smoke and the history of smoke is available in several articles by Classic Toy Trains Senior Editor Roger Carp.

“Professor Carp” published information on Lionel’s early efforts in April, followed by Lionel’s continued experimentation in June 2021. Classic Toy Trains editors also published a brief list of smoke fluid suppliers as of March 2021.

Two people with toy trains apply smoke fluid to a model steam locomotive.
Classic Toy Trains Production Editor Rene Schweitzer, left, and Editor Hal Miller, add scented smoke fluid to an MTH model of a Union Pacific steam locomotive.

4 thoughts on “Toy train smoke: Lots of scents available

  1. I found parts of this hilarious! I have a number of different smokes, though not used much. I did modify mom’s diner with a piece from instant pot where the steam comes out his ears. Lots of fun. Thanks for this post.

  2. Gotta wonder if the material in the scented smoke fluids will leave some residual material that will “gunk up” the smoke units and also if the smoke is really non toxic if there is not good ventilation

  3. Most train show venues these days are non-smoking. I think that should apply to the trains as well. Our club has found that if we are near a toy train layout, we have to clean the tracks more frequently.

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