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By | October 19, 2020

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Hal Miller
Hal Miller

Hal Miller, Editor

Hal Miller enjoys railroading in full-size and model varieties, and on two or three rails.

He traces his tenure at Kalmbach Media back to Trains Magazine. A stint at our former trade publication, Model Retailer, helped foster relationships with manufacturers in the hobby industry and allowed him to experience a variety of model railroading scales.

Most recently he’s been the editor of Model Railroader. He is also currently editor of Garden Railways.

When not chasing trains or model railroading, he’s usually working on vintage vacuum-tube amplifiers or helping to rescue dogs with his family.


Roger Carp
Roger Carp

Roger Carp, Senior Editor

Roger Carp has been associated with Classic Toy Trains since its second issue came out in the Spring of 1988. He has also supervised the development of many of its special issues, including All-Star Electric Trains of the 1950s, More All-Star Electric Trains, and Lionel, the Golden Years.

The history of toy trains in America fascinates Roger, especially the development and promotion of prewar and postwar Lionel and postwar American Flyer. To advance his understanding of that history, he has conducted interviews with many former Lionel and Gilbert employees and written four books on the history of Lionel as well as special-interest publications on Lionel’s showroom in New York City and its different accessories. Roger regularly travels around the United States, photographing O and S gauge layouts for articles in CTT.

Roger collects postwar Lionel trains and accessories, Mini-Craft stations and newsstands, and Authenticast figures, all for the O gauge layout that he dreams of building.


Rene Schweitzer
Rene Schweitzer

Rene Schweitzer, Production Editor

Rene joined the staff of Classic Toy Trains in May of 2014. As Production Editor, Rene reads and edits most of each issue, and makes sure everything stays on schedule. She also writes blog posts and posts updates on the website.

She currently lives in Waukesha with her husband (who is a huge toy train enthusiast and has an O-gauge layout in their basement and belongs to the local 3-rail club) and three cats. In her spare time, she enjoys a variety of hobbies including reading, watching movies, gardening, rubber stamping, machine embroidery, bicycling, and crocheting.

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  1. New topic…
    Why can’t I now access Bob’s Train Box without becoming an Unlimited Member? I use to be able to before the new site change. I logged in and no go. I know your company wants more money out of customers, but cutting my subscription benefits is only going to make ME upset! If anything, I can always drop 2 or 3 of the subscriptions I now have.
    Sincerely, Frank Moody

  2. I have a classic toy train membership that is good till Nov. 2023 and I am not able to access any of the product reviews, how to, greatest find and etc. I could access all of this before took over. I am extremely upset over this and want to know how this happened. It this is not resolved, I will cancel the rest of my subscription that is good till nov. 2023. This is not a way for you to treat a member who has been there for over 20 years. Sincerely yours, Amy Palermo

  3. Perhaps Roger may answer this one. I have Lionel Prewar 251E loco that runs but the E unit doesn’t work. I have become a prewar collector and enjoy different facets of the hobby, including repairs. I’d like to rewire this loco (the original insulation on the wires is shot after 90 years!) myself and rebuild the E unit. I mentioned this on the Lionel FB page I belong to and some self-proclaimed expert came along and said either he should fix it or my “tinkering” will ruin it. I asked for suggestions of a Lionel repair manual and he stated that only he has the qualifications and E units are easy to mess up. To me, this response seems slanted. Do you agree that I should not even attempt to rebuild the E-unit (even with instructions) and send it to a professional? If you do agree, can you share a couple of reputable rebuilders of Lionel Prewar equipment?

  4. I have to agree with some of the other people who have made comments about taking away some of our privileges and now charging us for them, very greedy on your part. I have been a subscriber for 10 yrs I think this will be my last year.

    But here is a more serious problem, your website is a disgrace, having been in IT management for 40 yrs whoever designed it or maintains it, if he or she is an employee they should be fired. If you paid an outside firm to design it you should get your money back.

    The server times out. 504 Gateway Time-out
    If you try to download the May issue it won’t unzip properly on a Mac laptop.
    I went to read a article and it says I have used my 8 articles for the month and I only tried to read one.
    The whole design is convoluted and a lot harder to find information.

    Very very disappointing.

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