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Big Skies & Iron Rails, Timelapse Trek to the Tracks

By Tom Danneman Art Director | December 20, 2022

Take a cinematic roadtrip to western rails with Tom Danneman

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In this extra-long, extended-length, timelapse video (1 hour 20 minutes!), our intrepid railfan/professional photographer Tom Danneman has a long way to go, but makes a point to enjoy the entire journey to, about, and from his favorite trackside destination – Big Sky Country!

You’ve seen Tom’s meticulous preparations to his trail-rated 4×4 truck in previous episodes. Now you’ll get to ride along with him for nearly all of his 4,000-mile, 19-day trek to capture some of the most stunning natural vistas and iron rail routes in the American West. From a front seat view, follow the highway from his Wisconsin home, across the Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana borders, to arrive in a place replete with spectacular scenes, skies, storms, sunrises, sunsets, and of course, contemporary trains soldiering through it all!

Unlike any other railfanning video to date, this unique road trip videoblog immerses you in the complete travel experience. You’ll quickly find that the adventure ranges well beyond the dashcam to seize remarkable moments and railroad action amidst the rock-riddled backroads, moonlit campsites, rolling rivers, and everything else the so-called “fly-over frontier” comes to bear on Tom and his rugged crew.

Buckle up and get ready to view astonishing insights into an authentic, hard-core railfanning experience — available exclusively to unlimited members of!

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