Railroads & Locomotives Maps Last miles for the circus train

Last miles for the circus train

By Angela Cotey | January 17, 2017

| Last updated on March 16, 2021

Route of Ringling Brothers trains as the circus prepares to close – and where they planned to visit

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Review the final routes of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus blue and red trains, and plot your journey to see them one more time.
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6 thoughts on “Last miles for the circus train

  1. The secret is out!! &
    We are so excited to finally be able to share! On February 24th we will swing 16 coaches and flat cars onto Kirby Family Farm for children of all ages to be able to enjoy!
    These cars are from both the Red train and the Blue train. As well as a RS-4 TC from the Air Force. Everyone is invited to witness the largest section of the circus train moved to it’s new home. Kirbyfarm.com
    Visit our Facebook KirbyFamilyFarm for the video announcement????

  2. Eastbound Circus Train off the N&W Bridge at Kenova in a lightning storm @ 8:31 p.m on 3/20/2017. Two CSX units on the head end — a sacrilege. A faint, last whiff of tiger piss riding the rain drops in her wake. Then…gone. RIP, RB/B&B red unit.

  3. As a retired Manager of T&E Manpower on Conrail’s Albany Division, this train was a pain in the rear end. I never had enough qualified personnel to handle it; especially in outlying terminals like New Haven, CT. I sometimes wondered if we ever made money hauling it, because of the deadhead cost to position crews. It may have been a delight for the people to observe it, but to me it was a gigantic headache. Last time I saw it was in a UP Yard in Las Vegas, where I now reside. I’ll bet the UP had no trouble finding crews to move it since they could literally store it on their main. RIP Ringling Brothers.

  4. I think they might well see a boost in attendance from announcing their farewell. I think they may end up regretting not announcing the final season and completing the entire planned year. The Midwest and the West will not get a chance to see the circus one last time!

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