News & Reviews News Wire Rail unions seek to block BNSF, Metra vaccine mandates

Rail unions seek to block BNSF, Metra vaccine mandates

By | December 7, 2021

BLET, SMART-TD request preliminary injunctions

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Logos for BLET, SMART-TD unionsCLEVELAND — Two major rail unions are seeking preliminary injunctions against BNSF Railway and Chicago’s Metra to block vaccination mandates and require negotiations over the issue.

The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation Workers (SMART-TD) announced the filings Dec. 3.

In a joint statement, the presidents of the two unions, Dennis R. Pierce of BLET and Jeremy Ferguson of SMART-TD, said “The language contained in the Railway Labor Act is clear cut, and the carriers’ unilateral implementation of their vaccine mandates without negotiating with the union is a direct violation of the Railway Labor Act. We will continue to stand up for the rights of our members.”

The injunctions are in addition to suits and countersuits between the unions, BNSF, and Metra. Similar legal actions are in progress between the unions, Amtrak, Norfolk Southern,and Union Pacific.

19 thoughts on “Rail unions seek to block BNSF, Metra vaccine mandates

  1. These so called vaccines are about as effective as the flu shoot. In my opinion they were rushed to market prematurely in the name of “saving” everyone. Turns out they will only protect you from being severely sick, should you contract Covid-19, but you definitely will not die. Their protection wears off after a few months. Case study: Israel, where they are now on their 4th shot.

    No exceptions to these forced mandates have been made for natural immunity – for those, who already had Covid-19 – which should be far better these shoots. If these were normal drugs, we might be in Phase III tests by this point. This makes all the recipients, who accepted the “vaccines” phase III beta testers. The Feds have held Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and Astro-Zenica immune from all litigation.

    Have you seen their stock prices versus two years ago? The FDA is composed of appointed officials, who used to work for them and other big pharma companies (this is the case with most regulatory bodies). This presents the strong appearance of conflict of interest. Whether true, or not, follow the money!

  2. Vaccines prevent infection??? A lie. The current variant is being spread by the vaccinated. The vaccines do not work and are experimental in nature. No one knows the long term consequences of this stuff. Explain Israel, Great Britain and other nations with high vaccination rates that are having serious bouts of reinfection. The vaccine is proving to wane after about 90 days. We can not vaccinate our way out of it. Covid is here to stay just like the Spanish Flu and the common cold. Why no mention of natural immunity? Over 100 approaching 200 studies have shown the superiority of natural immunity. Protect the vulnerable and let the thing run its course.

    1. Messers Sims and Shoemaker: If you guys get sick with what demonstrably is the Covid-19 stay the hell away from the hospital! After all you guys have posted you have a moral obligation to just stay home or wherever you feel comfortable. But you have no business taking a spot at your local ICU.

    2. I am a U.S. citizen, vaccinated or not, with all the rights of one, but I won’t go to a hospital because the proper dosages of vitamins C & D, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and zinc work. Also, hospitals are paid something like $13,000 if a patient goes on a ventilator, and $39,000 if he/she dies…conflict of interest?

      My brother is a firefighter/EMT in the second most populous county in our state, yet he’s never transported an unvaccinated COVID case. He has transported a number of vaccine reactions.

  3. SCOTUS’ Jacobson v. MA decision grants the government the authority to mandate a vaccine only if it is extremely effective against a contagious disease, and there is no other remedy. According to the CDC, these shots hardly reduce transmission of or infection from COVID. Plus, there are other safe, cheap, effective (yet inaccessible) medications for this 99.5%-survival-rate flu, rendering Jacobson useless. To get the symptom-reducing shot can only be a personal health decision, per law.

    What decision should people make? Oh, yeah, that’s none of our business. Anyone heard of HIPAA? This info might guide their decision, though. Our natural immunity’s generic antibodies have been found to be more durable and cover multitudes of variants, whereas a train of boosters are coming for the “vaccine” program. Bill Gates admitted that these “vaccines” aren’t that effective and that we need better ones. So why should people get the shots, especially when semiconducting, self-assembling materials have been found in the vials? If the vaxx works, YOU are protected, and we are vulnerable. If it doesn’t work…

    These shots are not here to control the pandemic. They’re ineffective like Mr. Landey said. What would end the pandemic is Dr. Science Fauci and the media shutting up! The shots were not created for the pandemic, the pandemic was created for the vaccines, hence Fauci was able to predict it back in 2017. Governments have used this tactic for years. It’s called the hegelian dialectic; create a problem that needs your solution.

    This makes one wonder, “Who’s really misinformed?”

    1. Effective depends upon the outcome you are trying to prevent. Spread of disease or death from disease. Clearly effective in preventing severe disease and death. Such data is all over the news.

      If we want to prevent spread of disease we will also need to change our habits–like wearing masks- which now also is quite controversial AND get vaccinated.

      Please post link to when Bill Gates stated he thought vaccines were ineffective. I am thinking you may have misinterpreted his thought because I have hot heard that the Gates foundation is giving up on vaccines.

      Anyway, lets get back to trains. I wish I could stop violating that rule

    2. Thank you for your thoughts, Mr. Adams.

      At the root of all this, we are all trying to seek the truth and reach/maintain happiness. But I will tell you this, though it may seem dramatic, I will sooner have a bullet in my body than that darn “vaccine.” The bullet cures all sickness, and even death. This world needs to remember that we will all die someday, and it probably won’t be caused by COVID.

      Here’s the link you requested:

  4. Look at who gets hospitalized with COVID, the vast majority of them have not been vaccinated. The people who are not getting vaccinated have bought into the idea that it is their “right” not to get vaccinated and that they have no responsibility for the consequences of their actions. There is an old saying that the right to swing your fist ends when it hits somebodies face, not getting vaccinated is swinging ones fist. As far as I am concerned hospitals should stop treating people for Covid if those people are eligible to be vaccinated and have not.

    1. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This country was built on rights, and those rights helped free all races in this country. The common good AND individual liberty must be considered at the same time. A person has the right to pursue life how his conscience dictates, which could mean denying a shot with too common and severe side effects, as well as covered-up, undeniably immoral production.

      A person is only culpable for spreading disease if he knows he is seriously ill yet recklessly associates with society. Thus for the asymptomatic unvaccinated, 1) they aren’t knowingly and thus willfully spreading COVID, and 2) the CDC says the survival rate is 99.5%, so it’s hardly a bad flu, much less the Black Plague.

      I don’t want to hear a peep when Big Government arrests you for the climate crime of too much flatulence, because your carbon and methane footprint is causing a drought in Madagascar. Don’t cry ignorance, rights, or lack of evidence, because your tears will add to rising ocean levels.

    2. So when they scream “my body my right!!” as some have been doing, should that not apply to women as well?

    3. According to former abortionists, many women are coerced into getting an abortion by the fathers, thus relieving them of responsibility. So for women, it’s not always “My body, my choice.” The reason we use that slogan for the shot is that it shows the hypocrisy of pro- vaxxers. We’re asking them if they still believe what they say. I believe in “My body, my choice,” however. A woman should and often does have a say in the matter, and that choice comes before the abortion choice; “My body, my choices.” Even if she sadly doesn’t, the developing human being must be given the choice over his/her body because that child has both a body and a soul. There are many loving foster parents out there if the mother can’t support the child. So, we use the slogan to point out the hypocrisy.

  5. Boo Hoo, they all got vaccines to get an education and got even more if they were in the military. Get the vaccine and be done with this pandemic.

    1. Really, Mark? End the pandemic? People with both vaxxes and one booster are getting sick.

      I myself have two shots, will get my booster next week, so I believe in vaccines. A whole lot of people don’t. I’m starting to listen to them.

    2. Yes Charles to end the pandemic. The people who aren’t vaccinated are the people the most likely get infected and re infected thus prolonging the pandemic. Vaccinated persons getting infected is not proof of the vaccines not being effective it is expected as vaccines are not 100% effective as co-morbidities and weakened immune systems compromise vaccine effectiveness. What you are starting to listen to is antidotal reports that someone knew someone etc. Listen to the statistics-vaccines while not perfect allow vaccinated persons to avoid getting infected and if infected, 1) avoid severe disease, 2) are much less likely to spread in virus, 3) recover much quicker, and 4) much less likely to die. (

    3. Sounds hypocritical to me. You got the vaccine but don’t really believe in it. Skip the booster if you feel that way.

    4. CHRIS —- I’m not at all hypocritical. Me listening to people with a different opinion than my own is a good thing. You should try it yourself.

      Me listening to anti-vaxxers doesn’t change my belief as a pro-vaxxer.

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