News & Reviews News Wire Overhaul of Canadian Pacific 4-6-4 No. 2816 nearing completion, CPKC says

Overhaul of Canadian Pacific 4-6-4 No. 2816 nearing completion, CPKC says

By | June 2, 2023

The Hudson is being prepped for trip across North America this summer in celebration of Canadian Pacific-Kansas City Southern merger

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Steam locomotive with short train on prairie
Canadian Pacific 4-6-4 No. 2816 rolls along the Brooks Subdivision at MP 139 near Strangmuir, Alberta, in June 2010. Bill Hooper

CALGARY, Alberta — CPKC is stoking interest in the revival of Canadian Pacific 4-6-4 Hudson No. 2816, which will set out on a tour this summer to celebrate the CP-Kansas City Southern merger.

In social media posts, the railroad this week teased the progress made on the locomotive’s overhaul in preparation for its first outing in more than a decade.


“We’ve been lifting steam engines for 110 years. Today, working in the same location railroaders did in 1913, crews at our Ogden Shops lifted the 2816,” CPKC said. “This time, it’s back onto its wheels as refurbishment work nears completion. This summer, 2816 The Empress will make more history when it departs from Calgary on a special North American tour to celebrate the creation of CPKC and the connecting of three nations.”


CP acquired the 2816 in 1998 and, after an extensive overhaul that included converting the 1930 Montreal Locomotive Works product to burn oil, returned the locomotive to service in 2001. It has emerged from storage in Calgary a few times since CP pulled the plug on its steam program in 2012.

CP’s hydrogen fuel cell locomotive No. 1001 towed the 2816 into the railway’s Calgary shop in November 2022 to begin the latest overhaul.

CPKC has not yet provided schedule information for the 2816’s trip, but CEO Keith Creel has said that the locomotive will pull the railway’s business train from Calgary to Mexico City.

6 thoughts on “Overhaul of Canadian Pacific 4-6-4 No. 2816 nearing completion, CPKC says

  1. I’m very excited to see the Empress return to steam! I would love to see her in Kansas City when their schedule is ready.

  2. Hopefully, the Empress won’t be restricted to a straight Calgary – Mexico City trip and will be allowed to wander a little.

    (Like, to Saint John, NB?)

  3. Does 2816 get a PTC exemption for a one-off trip, or will it be transmitting to a following diesel, ala 4014? Good thing its running on CPKC and not CN, or they’d need to put six superliners in the consist.

  4. Confucius said “MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES” This may be one of those times. EHH’s PSR is being repudiated and a Class I is bringing back a STEAM engine. for PR. Be still my heart.

  5. That first picture of 2816 with the Alberta countryside is phenominal. Oh, and 2816 coming back is great news as well!

  6. Exciting to see the Empress being restored to service. Hope it will make a trip to Vancouver as well. EHH is grumbling from his grave.

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