News & Reviews News Wire News Photos: Amtrak heritage electric debuts (updated)

News Photos: Amtrak heritage electric debuts (updated)

By Trains Staff | December 9, 2021

| Last updated on April 1, 2024

Game company sponsors retro look worn by AEM7s

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Passenger train with electric locomotive passes under signal bridge.
Newly wrapped Amtrak ACS64 No. 662 leads Northeast Regional train No. 176 through Newark, Del., on Thursday. Gary Pancavage

Shades of the AEM7: Amtrak’s newest heritage locomotive, ACS64 No. 662, made its debut on Thursday, handling Northeast Regional train No. 176 from Washington to Boston. The first trip came shortly after Amtrak released photos on Twitter of the Siemens locomotive wrapped in a recreation of the paint scheme worn by the earlier electric locomotives built by EMD and ASEA. The wrap was sponsored by Dovetail Games, which will feature the engine in its Train Sim World 2 game.

Amtrak electric locomotive with retro paint scheme
An Amtrak ACS64 has been wrapped with an AEM7-style paint scheme. Amtrak, via Twitter

9 thoughts on “News Photos: Amtrak heritage electric debuts (updated)

  1. I would like to see Amtrak advertise on its equipment if it means it could provide more or better service for less subsidy.

    Also, I like the heritage paint scheme. Good job!

  2. Wow that looks cool, Phase 3 was the best paint scheme for Amtrak just wish it lasted longer, this should have been a paint scheme though and not an ad wrap.

  3. Like this paint scheme more than the current one. But then I was born the same year as Amtrak was launched.

  4. I never have made the effort to investigate it further, but for awhile I have been curious whether the FRA’s restriction on third party advertisements on railroad cars extended to locomotives. I have seen several examples of locos in other countries painted or wrapped with advertisements for various entities. In the US an advert wrapped loco seems rare and in many cases it is for a charity. Anyone out there know if there are US rules against third part adverts on locomotives?

    1. I’m not sure about your question, but this is actually the second time Amtrak will have an advertisment on an ACS 64. The first was a Coca Cola wrap last year.

    2. The rule only applies to cars in interchange service. An Amtrak locomotive is neither a car nor in interchange service.

    3. I think it was New Deal (FDR Administration) legislation prohibiting third party adverts on RR equipment.

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