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News Photo: First CDOT P40 rebuild debuts

By | March 8, 2021

Former Amtrak unit is one of 12 to be renovated at Beech Grove

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New CDOT P40 locomotive
New CDOT P40 locomotive
The Connecticut Department of Transportation has received the first of its rebuilt ex-Amtrak P40 locomotives. Adam Twombly

The first of 12 Connecticut Department of Transportation P40 locomotives to be rebuilt by Amtrak at Beech Grove, Ind., is CDOT No. 6711, seen at North Haven, Conn., on March 8, 2021. The unit was built as Amtrak no. 820 in 1993, and later worked for NJ Transit in Atlantic City service, carrying NJT no. 4803. CDOT subsequently purchased it and three others from NJT. CDOT’s other P40s came from Amtrak in 2005, and have operated in patched Amtrak paint since then. They will be used on the Hartford Line and Shore Line East commuter services.

8 thoughts on “News Photo: First CDOT P40 rebuild debuts

  1. Amtrak needs to consider rebuilding the P42s since the Chargers are not Reliable and are still having problems.

    1. Amen to that! The latest incident I’ve read of was on 3/6 when Amtrak #393’s Charger died just south of Champaign. CN came to the rescue and that engine powered the train to Carbondale, back to CHI on #390-07, and back to Champaign on 393-07 where the unit was set out.

  2. I agree Mr. Carleton! This is certainly an eye-catching paint scheme but I wish ConnDOT would take one locomotive, a P40 or a BL20GH, and do it up in the New Haven McGinnis colors as was done for their dual-modes in Metro North service.

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