News & Reviews News Wire Former New York tourist route goes to auction

Former New York tourist route goes to auction

By | January 25, 2022

Bankruptcy trustee says three bids are expected in addition to initial offer

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Blue, gray, and yellow semi-streamlined diesels
Locomotives from the defunct Saratoga & North Creek are now in Indiana. The New York rail line is going to auction. (Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum)

NORTH CREEK, N.Y. — A 30-mile stretch of track last operated by the defunct Saratoga & North Creek will be auctioned off as part of bankruptcy proceedings, opening the possibility of its return to operation.

The Albany Times-Union reports an initial bid of $700,000 has already been received from Revolution Rail, which has operated a rail-biking attraction. Any competing bid must be for at least $750,000, and Revolution Rail would have a chance to offer a higher bid.

“All of the sudden after a couple of years of dormancy, all of this has come alive,” William Brandt, trustee for the bankruptcy of the Saratoga & North Creek and parent San Luis & Rio Grande, told the newspaper. He said there are three additional bidders.

If Revolution Rail has the winning bid, it plans to work with New Jersey’s SMS Rail to offer freight service to a gravel pit and garnet mine on the route. The auction will be held March 3 in Denver, with bids due Feb. 23.

The Saratoga & North Creek shut down in April 2018. The two BL2 locomotives used by the railroad moved to the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum last year and are slated for return to operation [see “Rare BL2 locomotives arrive at Indiana museum,” Trains News Wire, June 21, 2021].

3 thoughts on “Former New York tourist route goes to auction

  1. I had a ride on the S&NCR a few years ago. It was a wonderful ride, excellent service and food, comfortable seating, beautiful equipment and great scenery. I would have loved to be able to ride all the way to Tahawus. I was very sad when it shut down and I hope whoever buys it can get it back in operation including a thriving freight business.

  2. With Cold War 2.0 heating up, our dependence on China and Russia for titanium and rare earth elements widely used in renewable, medical, defense, and aerospace applications is looking unwise. The closed mine at Tahawus has both, and of course lots of crushed stone to ‘Build-Back-Better’… lol 🙂

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