News & Reviews News Wire Fast-food workers hoped signal tampering would lead to ‘slow night,’ police say

Fast-food workers hoped signal tampering would lead to ‘slow night,’ police say

By Trains Staff | September 9, 2022

| Last updated on February 19, 2024

Second person named in August incident on Reading & Northern

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Security camera footage of railroad right-of-way showing man walking along tracks
Security-camera footage shows a man walking along Reading & Northern tracks in Tilden Township, Pa., at the time a signal-tampering incident was reported. Police now say a second person was involved.  Reading & Northern Police, via Facebook

TILDEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police have named a second person they say was involved in tampering with crossing gates on the Reading & Northern in August — and say the motivation was to create an easier night at the fast-food restaurant where they both worked.

Ryan Boria, 34, of Tilden Township was arrested earlier this month on a series of charges stemming from his alleged use of a shunt to disrupt crossing gate-signals on Aug. 26 [see “Fast-food uniform helps identify suspect …,Trains News Wire, Sept. 3, 2022]. Boria’s arrest came after coworkers recognized him from photos posted online by police, showing an individual walking trackside wearing a Wendy’s fast-food uniform.

WFMZ-TV now reports that police have said a second Wendy’s worker, identified as Amy Schaner, dropped Boria off when he placed the shunt on the tracks, and then picked him up and drove him to work. A police officer told the station that in interviews, the two individuals said their hope was that they could cause the crossing gates to malfunction, preventing people from reaching the Wendy’s where they worked and allowing them to have a slow night.

Tilden Township and Reading & Northern Police, along with the FBI, are continuing to investigate.

14 thoughts on “Fast-food workers hoped signal tampering would lead to ‘slow night,’ police say

  1. Be careful what you ask for Ryan Boria, you may (hopefully) soon get it: many slow nights behind bars to think about your short sighted, stupid stunt!

    1. Oh, as a 100% Republican, I agree Oz is a wacko, about 5% as wacko as the Dem candidate.

      If Trump has stayed out of it, this would have been a Republican hold. Now it looks like a Democrat pickup.

      Republicans (not me) who vote as Trump tells them to aren’t smart enough to work at Wendy’s.

    1. Eric I agree. WABC NY radio the DJ always has the DA ( Dumb A**) of the day. I think these two are over qualified for that spot.

    1. That’s not the “work ethic of people today” Paul. This is the work of two stupid individuals that are even more dumb than Beavis and Butthead.

    2. Agreed, Mark.

      What stuns me is that all the planning, setting up and executing of this stunt likely took more effort that what would have been expended on a normal Night at Wendy’s. (The Wendy’s around here don’t have a lot of traffic during a normal evening…)

      Stupid is as stupid does.

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