News & Reviews News Wire CSX CEO surprises three employees with new Ford trucks

CSX CEO surprises three employees with new Ford trucks

By Bill Stephens | May 15, 2024

Union workers with perfect six-month attendance records are entered into the ONE CSX Drive to Succeed raffle, with CEO Joe Hinrichs handing winners the keys

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Signal construction foreman Clint Smith smiles at CSX CEO Joe Hinrichs from the driver’s seat of his new Ford. CSX

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – CSX CEO Joe Hinrichs made three employees’ days yesterday when he handed them the keys to new Ford pickup trucks.

All unionized employees with perfect attendance over a six-month span are entered into the ONE CSX Drive to Succeed raffle. The prize: One of three F-150 Lariat Supercrew trucks.

Hinrichs started his day in Clinton, S.C., where he delivered a F-150 Lariat Supercrew truck to track inspector Joe Johnson. “Joe and his wife, Ashley, and their two young boys were so excited to win this new truck…” Hinrichs wrote on LinkedIn. “Just another example of how we are improving the employee experience and culture at CSX through our ONE CSX initiatives.”

The CEO’s second stop was in deep in coal country at Corbin, Ky., where roadway mechanic Dustin Gray received his Ford. “Dustin and his family were so excited to win this truck,” Hinrichs wrote. “In fact, Dustin said that the light grey color was exactly what he would have purchased if he were selecting the truck himself.”

Hinrichs final stop was in Birmingham, Ala., where signal construction foreman Clint Smith was the lucky recipient. “It was great to see all Clint’s colleagues come out and support the event as well. Knowing that I retired as President of Ford’s global auto business a few years ago, Clint asked me to sign the glove box as a memento of the occasion,” Hinrichs wrote. “Another great example of the work we are doing as part of our ONE CSX culture to improve the employee experience so we can safely serve our customers better and create a better place to work.”

Track inspector Joe Johnson sits in his new Ford as CSX CEO Joe Hinrichs looks on. CSX

6 thoughts on “CSX CEO surprises three employees with new Ford trucks

  1. Excellent program and well deserved by the “random” raffle craft members receiving the award. Curious if perhaps one truck from Ford, one from GM and on from Stellantis would have been a better choice marketing wise for CSX. Recall when calling on a “Big Three” plant in Delaware, vehicles other than the the brand produced at the plant where prohibited from entering the plant property.

  2. Ford probably donated the trucks. Cheap advertising and free publicity is worth more than the trucks. Ford probably has programs for this sort of thing. Still a very generous and thoughtful program from CSX & Ford.

  3. $42k ? What world are you living in. Neighbor bought one in 2020 before pandemic. Very nice but NOT loaded, Came with V-6 engine. No leather. No sun roof. Only 2 big options were towing option and running boards. Price before tax was $51,000. With inflation that truck in 2024 goes for close to $60,000. Maxed out it would go for near $68,000.

  4. A nice move by the boss. I hope they told those employees they will have to pay additional income tax on about $42k.

    1. You would be quite surprised that it’s not as bad as you think with the taxes on winning, unless you win the Lotto. My Son won a new wave runner a few years back from Sea-Doo and after all the paperwork and yearly taxes were complete his cost in taxes was a little over $300. Even if you multiplied the value 5x to equal a truck your talking about $1500, not bad for a gift truck.

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