News & Reviews News Wire Canada pledges funds for rebuilding Ukraine transportation network at G7 meeting

Canada pledges funds for rebuilding Ukraine transportation network at G7 meeting

By Trains Staff | April 17, 2024

Session in Italy also addresses supply-chain challenges

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Smiling man with gray hair and full beard
Pablo Rodriguez, Canada’s transport minister. House of Commons Photo Services

MILAN, Italy — The Canadian government will provide C$300,000 to the International Transport Forum to help rebuilding of Ukraine’s road and rail network, Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez announced last week at a meeting of the G7 Transport Ministers.

The funding, under the Clean Transportation System program, will focus on aiding greener intercity and international travel during the reconstruction process.

The April 11-13 meeting also gave Rodriguez a chance to discuss Canada’s emphasis on supply-chain resiliency and to share Canada’s best practices and hear from other G& countries on innovation, supply-chain crisis management, and energy transition. “Having a seat at these meetings is an opportunity to develop and strengthen these relationships, and to promote Canadian priorities to advance a strong transportation sector,” Rodriguez said in a press release.

The minsters’ joint declaration resulting from the meeting is available here.

The meetings also aided Canada’s preparation for presidency of the G7 in 2025. Other G7 members are the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

One thought on “Canada pledges funds for rebuilding Ukraine transportation network at G7 meeting

  1. If Canada, or any other country, wants to financially contribute to Ukraine’s railroad infrastructure, they should do it in a meaningful way by encouraging the conversion of Ukraine’s 5′, 1520 mm Russian RR gauge, to 4′ 8 1/2″, 1435mm standard gauge, just like their recent existing standard gauge link with Poland.

    That would put the multi-railroad gauge, Silk Road project another step closer to achieving a uniform standard track gauge for that Silk Road project through standard gauge Iran (another trouble spot) via NONstandard multi gauge Afghanistan, in order to link directly with standard gauge China via the narrow Wakhan Valley Corridor border, and with much economic international trade benefit for Ukraine.

    I’m not a big fan of Ukraine, and believe that Russia has a lot of justifiable concerns. But I will simply say that we (the U.S.) should stop all this foreign interventionism and stay out of that, and other, foreign conflict(s).

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