News & Reviews News Wire British man still in intensive care after Argentine derailment

British man still in intensive care after Argentine derailment

By | November 20, 2023

Others injured in incident involving narrow-gauge train are out of hospital

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Train next to displaced track
A British tourist remains hospitalized from injuries suffered in this derailment in Argentina earlier this month. Jim Fetchero.

BARILOCHE, Argentina — A British tourist remains hospitalized in intensive care as a result of injuries suffered in the Nov. 12 derailment of a narrow-gauge tourist train in Patagonia, according to local media reports.

Four tourists required hospitalization after the La Trochita train, also known as the Old Patagonian Express, overturned in a remote area between Mameul Chioque and Rio Chico in Rio Negro Provice [see “U.S. tourists injured in derailment …,” Trains News Wire, Nov. 13, 2023].

All the injured were originally reported to be Americans, and at first, none of the injuries were reported to be serious, but the British man took a turn for the worse the night after the derailment. The LM Cipolletti news site reported Sunday that the man remains on a respirator in a Bariloche hospital, but is “stable with good progress,” so an end to use of the respirator is being considered. The man also suffered a C1-C1 cervical issue and is in a collar to prevent movement.

The other three injured individuals have been released from the hospital.

3 thoughts on “British man still in intensive care after Argentine derailment

  1. Hey, that’s 60 KPH track!

    Judging by the rust on the track, this was the first use of the track in some time. It doesn’t even show use by a speeder or a hi-rail vehicle prior to the train, which would have changed the color of the rust.

    I doubt that rail would have even been exempt track.

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