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Progress Rail EMD Tier 4 units heading to first customer NEWSWIRE

By | December 15, 2016

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FORT WORTH, Texas — Progress Rail is shipping the first two production SD70ACe-T4s to Union Pacific this week. They will be the first EMD Tier 4 units ordered by a customer to be placed in revenue service. The locomotives, UP Nos. 3012 and 3014 were shipped from Bombardier’s Sahagun, Mexico, plant, arriving in Laredo on Dec. 10. The locomotives are being moved to Union Pacific’s Fort Worth diesel shop for inspection and to put the locomotives in service.

These are the first of 88 Tier 4 units ordered by Union Pacific, with a portion built by Bombardier and the balance by Progress Rail’s Muncie, Ind., plant.

Union Pacific has also committed to purchasing 12 of the 15 SD70ACe-T4 demonstrators from Progress Rail when they are no longer needed by the builder. The first four demonstrators are being readied for delivery to Union Pacific this month. EMDX Nos. 1502 to 1505 are currently at Progress Rail’s Tacoma, Wash., shop receiving Union Pacific equipment and full Union Pacific paint and reporting marks. These units will become Union Pacific Nos. 3000 to 3003. The balance of the demonstrator fleet will continue to test or demonstrate throughout the North American rail network.

The three demonstrators not being acquired by Union Pacific are SD70ACe-T4 EMDX No. 1501 and SD70ACeP4-T4s Nos. 1603 and 1604.

5 thoughts on “Progress Rail EMD Tier 4 units heading to first customer NEWSWIRE

  1. I did email Progress/EMD with my suggestion to name the new model “SD100” but I never heard back so I guess they’ve ignored me 🙁

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