News & Reviews News Wire 15 cars of ore derail on CN train in Pennsylvania

15 cars of ore derail on CN train in Pennsylvania

By | March 30, 2023

No injuries reported in incident north of Pittsburgh

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Canadian National logo

Canadian National logoBRADY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Fifteen cars of a Canadian National train carrying iron ore derailed Wednesday, WTAE-TV reports.

The derailment occurred about 8 a.m. Wednesday. No injuries were reported, and the railroad told the station that no hazardous materials were involved. Video footage on the station website showed cleanup in progress at the site continuing into Wednesday night.

A railroad representative told WTAE the cause is under investigation.

Brady Township, in Butler County, has a population of 1,037. It is approximately 40 miles north of Pittsburgh.

4 thoughts on “15 cars of ore derail on CN train in Pennsylvania

  1. It WOULD help if you mentioned this line as the former Bessemer & Lake Erie. TRAINS ought to know that–if they didn’t then there’s no point to getting TRAINS! Yes, I know, the railroads nowadays release illiterate press releases–they know they’re dealing with the numbskulls of American Media. TRAINS’ stories about METRA in Chicago leave one with having to piece together which line was meant. Ah, the Wisconsin Central to Antioch or the old Chicago & Alton/GM&O to Joliet, that sort of thing. We HOPE TRAINS knows all that!

  2. I wonder how often the old Bessemer and Lake Erie experienced derailments? Back in the good old days they had to feed ore to the furnaces at Carrie (Homestead), Edgar Thomson (Braddock), Duquesne, National Tube (McKeesport), and even Clairton.

  3. Well, the clay and other impurities can burn, but the conditions are very difficult to create.

    [cue the guy with hair on fire] “Evacuate. It contains toxic heavy metals.”

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