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Report: UP’s Bush locomotive heads for Chicago area after Omaha display NEWSWIRE

By | December 13, 2018

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Union Pacific No. 4141, shown in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2008, is reportedly on its way to the Chicago area.
Steve Schmollinger

OMAHA, Neb. — The locomotive and baggage car from George H.W. Bush’s funeral train have ended their display in Omaha, and the locomotive is now reportedly heading to the Chicago area.

Union Pacific SD70ACe No. 4141, in its Air Force One-inspired paint scheme, and passenger car Council Bluffs concluded four days on display in the Omaha area at noon Wednesday. KETV-7 in Omaha quotes a Union Pacific representative as saying the locomotive was next heading to the “Chicagoland area” and is traveling the system to give employees a chance to see the historic equipment.

5 thoughts on “Report: UP’s Bush locomotive heads for Chicago area after Omaha display NEWSWIRE

  1. Normally, on funeral trains, the coffin is carried in an office car or observation car at the rear of the train. President George H.W. Bush’s coffin was carried mid-train in a baggage car. I had never seen a previously lowly baggage car receive so much honour and recognition until now.

  2. Maybe this engine won’t become a static display at the George H.W. Bush Library soon after all; although I’m not sure if that’s still a rumor or not.
    Anyway if it remains in service hopefully it will come back to the West Coast as I would love to see it paired with the UP Spirit Unit #1943 as well.

  3. Penelope, in Eisenhower’s 1969 funeral train, the coffin was carried in a C&O baggage car, draped in black. If you’d like to see a photo, send me a message at and I’ll email it to you.

  4. Sir Winston Churchill’s coffin was carried in an ex Southern Railway baggage car painted Chocolate and cream to match the Pullman car consist of the funeral train. It was hauled by his namesake streamlined Battle of Britain class Bullied Light Pacific. He allegedly insisted that his funeral train left from Waterloo station in a London because he knew it would seriously discommode General De Gualle who was amongst the mourners.

  5. Carrying the coffin in the baggage car with the doors open allowed the public along the ROW to view the coffin.

    “Mom! 99 is blowing for 16th Street. Dad will be home soon.”

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