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Iowa Interstate QJ steam locomotive No. 6988 will run in August NEWSWIRE

By Jim Wrinn | July 3, 2018

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Iowa Interstate QJ 2-10-2s Nos. 6988 and 7081 doublehead in Iowa in 2011.
Trains: Jim Wrinn
MITCHELLVILLE, Iowa — For the first time in six years, Iowa Interstate will operate Chinese-built QJ-type 2-10-2 No. 6988 on excursions. The trips benefit local fire departments in the central Iowa area and are scheduled for the weekend of Aug. 18 and 19.

The Newton, Iowa-based locomotive will pull four 45-minute trips Aug. 18 out of Mitchellville to the west and on Aug. 19 four 45-minute trips out of Brooklyn, Iowa. A fifth trip will be operated each day if there is demand.

Tickets are available for the Aug. 18 trips from the Mitchellville Firefighters Association through its Facebook page. No ticket info was available for the Brooklyn trips.

No. 6988 is the QJ that was Americanized in 2011. She and sister No. 7081 were acquired in 2006 by Iowa Interstate’s parent company, Railroad Development Corp. No. 6988 last ran for National Railway Historical Society in June 2012. No. 7081 last ran in 2013.

Central States Steam Preservation Association maintains and operates the 1986-vintage locomotives, which are still owned by RDC.

9 thoughts on “Iowa Interstate QJ steam locomotive No. 6988 will run in August NEWSWIRE

  1. Who cares about typo’s (except in Jim Wrinn’s case, he’s supposed to be a pro) most of us do a pretty good job of stating our thoughts, feelings, and opinions, spelling be damned. Now, back to STEAM, even though I’ll never get to see the QJ’s in person, just having more steam locomotives in operation in the good old USA is a great feeling. I’m sure the crew at TRAINS will show us all plenty of pictures and articles whenever possible. To them I give a huge THANK YOU!!!

  2. Iowa “Instate”? Auto correct anyone? Please, get someone who can proofread the material. I fine it embarrassing to read simple misspellings like this.

  3. The “comments” section needs the ability to correct or at least delete once the ENTER key has been pressed. Right now there is “zero tolerance” for a typo.

  4. Thank you Mr. Wrinn for the fix, and, above all, letting the railfan community about the QJ in the first place. (Autocorrect is a pain (happened to me too.))) As for the QJ beauty, it’s good she’ll be getting back out, even if for just a short time. Steamers with 10 coupled drivers are not found much anymore in operating condition. To me they are very unique with the long rods and how they manage to work through a turn. So, it’s good that it still runs, even if for just a short while.

  5. I think it’s great to know that the 6988 will be getting out again this year. If I ever win the Pennsylvania Lottery, I’m planning on making RDC an offer that they’d be INSANE to refuse. In essence, I’m gonna offer them a handsome amount of money in exchange for the two QJs: A briefcase containing $50 million, and I’d tell them to keep the change.

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