CSX at 40


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A changed railroad

Harrison, Foote & Co. install PSR at CSX

Mapping CSX history

Predecessors, traffic, and changes since 1981

Building blocks

Legendary American railroads created CSX • From Trains Historical Guide to North American Railroading

How CSX moves

Four decades of motive power change


Our favorite images of CSX: Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, and North Carolina

South by Southeast

Intermodal out of Chicago drives a rich traffic mix along CSX’s Southeast Corridor

The I-95 Corridor

The right side of the triangle, from New York to Florida

The new Water Level Route

Intermodal traffic dominates CSX’s busiest route

Sacred places

These 40 locations are historic, unique, or just downright interesting

History that lives on

Visit these places to touch CSX history

The Santa Train and CSX

An Appalachian tradition rolls on every fall

How CSX got its name

What’s in a name?’ Shakespeare asked in ‘Romeo and Juliet’