Big Projects 2020

Trains' 2020 special issue on large railroad projects of recent memory


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The Need to Build

Big projects are essential, but they keep getting more difficult.

Modern and spectacular

21st-century technology creates a modern bridge with a classic look

On borrowed time

Amtrak’s Hudson Tunnels are at risk of failure, but can funding be found to replace them?

California rising, finally

America’s first true fast train is under construction, but an unlikely cast of characters could change its course

National Gateway realized

An expanded Virginia Avenue Tunnel is the last link in CSX’s new intermodal fast lane.

Going big

Japanese transits, superior planning could make Texas Central the first private high speed rail in the U.S.

The Hole Truth

Swiss tunnel, railroading’s longest, transforms a route through the Alps

The Overshadowed Tunnel

B&P Tunnel is Amtrak’s Baltimore bottleneck, but replacement is stalled in planning stage

Fixing the weakest link

BNSF addresses the single track through Abo Canyon.

Cajon Pass unplugged

California pass was a bottleneck for BNSF Railway until the railroad triple-tracked it


More pictures of bridge and tunnels.

Tracks, Trestles & Tunnels

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