September 2023

The September 2023 issue of Trains Magazine.


In this Issue

This one’s for JDI

Former Trains Editor J. David Ingles inspires a memorable encounter on Route 66

Behind the badge

On patrol with Amtrak’s canine law-enforcement team

Greasing the skids for Alaska Oil

A young bureaucrat learns how Washington works as he fights to ensure the Alaska Railroad can support pipeline construction

Barley a dull moment in Forestburg

The story of grain, a small town, and a hard-working railroad

What’s the problem up there, Union?

Working first trick at Burlington Northern’s Chicago funnel: a classic article from Trainsfirst 1,000 issues

In My Own Words: Riding a Yellowstone with new friends

They had just met, but found themselves riding a big DM&IR locomotive together


Showcasing the railroad photography of Waylon Moore, a 16-year-old from Louisa, Ky.

In every issue

News, p. 4

  • NTSB holds rare on-site hearing on Norfolk Southern’s East Palestine derailment

Bill Stphens p. 10

  • Regulations threaten California’s short lines

Travel p. 44

  • The Seashore Trolley Museum in Maine is one of the nation’s most-successful enthusiast-led preservation efforts

Preservation p. 46

  • Focusing on a long-term master plan brought the Museum of the American Railroad to the dawn of a new era