October 2022

The October 2022 issue of Trains Magazine.


In this Issue

The engine they call Four and a Quarter, p. 12

Reading Blue Mountain & Northern’s No. 425 is a light Pacific that packs a punch

How EMD scored big in Great Britain, p. 20

The sale of one little critter leads to 500 non-critters

Into the Sunset, p. 28

Once the pride of the Southern Pacific, Union Pacific’s Sunset Route remains a vital corridor

Where trains go to sea, p. 34

World’s largest carferries haul freight cars by the trainload across the Gulf of Mexico

24/7, p. 42

Rain or shine, day or night, track teams keep the railroad running

In every issue

News p. 4

  • What’s next in the rail-labor dispute; a Chinese-made QJ steam locomotive makes a memorable run in the mid- west before inspection

Preservation p. 44

  • First new coach arrives at East Broad Top

Train-Watching p. 46

  • The Chesapeake & Indiana combines unique motive power and photo possibilities