May 2023

The May 2023 issue of Trains Magazine.


In this Issue

One fine morning, then and now, p. 10

A steam-era water tank is an unlikely survivor of Rio Grande’s narrow gauge operations

Metro-North’s 20/20 inspection vision, p. 12

Take a ride on ‘IC2020’, a cuttingedge track inspection car

Ohio’s Hocking Valley: Fifty years on track, p. 18

Tourist railroad’s success story is a half-century in the making

I like trains, p. 24

Countdown to 1,000 issues: The best Trains’ article from November 1940 to January 1949

Beer and trains, p. 30

Tales from the intersection of brewing and railroading, two industries that grew up together

In every issue

News p. 4

  • Ukraine’s railways are an increasingly vital lifeline in that war-torn nation

Preservation p. 40

  • Narrow gauge steam returns to the historic East Broad Top

Ask Trains p. 50

  • Do European passenger trains face the same freight traffic delays as the U.S.?