February 2024

The 1,000th issue of Trains Magazine.


In this Issue

From the Cab: A picture worth 1,000 words

One image expresses the hard, dirty, and exhausting work of railroading

1,000 and beyond

A landmark tree and a landmark issue

1,000 trains a day

A German bridge over the Rhine is a funnel for passenger traffic

The most popular 1,000 horsepower locomotives

The 1k mark was an early milestone in the development of diesel locomotives

1,000 SD70Ms (plus 427 more)

The inside story of Union Pacific’s record-setting order for Electro-Motive diesels

Lake Shore Limited: a survivor

The highs and lows of a great passenger train

When investment went awry

A panel of industry experts name examples of good intentions gone horribly wrong

Behold the Salish Sea

A vibrant mixture of salt water, fresh water, wildlife, and of course, trains

The Eads Bridge: The improbable masterpiece

Designed by a bridge-building novice, the 150-year-old landmark structure made St. Louis a railroad hub

In every issue

Trains.com, p. 4

  • Guide to the latest railroad content on the web

News, p. 6

  • BNSF, J.B. Hunt take aim at trucks. Wabtec eyes hydrogen as the fuel of the future while it unveils world’s first battery-powered heavy-haul freight locomotive

Bill Stephens, p. 16

  • Railroad investors can be their own worst enemy

Preservation, p. 82

  • New York Central electric locomotives are on the move

Travel, p. 86

  • So many journeys, so many photographs

Gallery, p. 90

  • A showcase of the best in railroad photography