April 2024

The April 2024 issue of Trains Magazine.


In this Issue

Carolina Coastal’s winning moves

Growing a local short line into a Regional Rail star

Are autonomous freight cars in railroading's future?

Several companies are exploring self-guided and self-propelled railcars

The California Zephyr turns 75

Showing what a passenger train can be for three-quarters of a century

Desert railroading at its finest

Exploring nearly the final leg of BNSF’s Chicago-Los Angeles main line


Images of contemporary passenger railroading from the lenses of Trains readers

In every issue

Trains.com, p. 4

  • Guide to the latest on the web

News, p. 6

  • Amtrak deals with significant weather-related service disruptions in a harsh winter

Bill Stephens, p. 10

  • The CPKC merger has shaken the industry in many ways

Preservation, p. 48

  • New trackage for WMSR; Seaboard steam 2-10-0 rehab

Travel, p. 52

  • The Texas State Railroad combines a 4-hour train ride with a family-friendly atmosphere