Locomotive 2021

From the publisher of Trains magazine, Locomotive 2021 is back with the latest trends, statistics and inside stories from the exciting world of locomotives.


In this Issue

Editor’s Notebook: JDI

Tribute: JDI's prime mover

True joy was in the details

Motive Power Review

Sales of new freight power are flat, passenger sales hold steady

Big Six by the numbers: all 25,739 locomotives

Our annual census of the Big Six locomotive fleets

1961: Trains 13th annual motive power survey

Do we have a locomotive as well as a missile lag?

Diesel dynasty

Exploring the origins of the General Electric 7FDL diesel engine

The FDL advantage

New technology keeps Wabtec/GE’s legacy FDL engine vibrant in the 21st century

The unknown known

Old diesels, new short lines, and one unexpected survivor of the long-gone Milwaukee Road east of the Cascades

10 distinctive diesels

Concerning some favorites, both famous and unremarked, first published in Trains magazine in December 1971

35 Series stronghold

Ann Arbor’s affection for Electro-Motive 35s lives on

Cowl curtain call

Bidding farewell to the General Electric Dash 8-40CM, one of the most distinctive modern models

U-series countdown

Where are they? A North American head count of surviving GE U-series locomotives, active, preserved, and otherwise


Jurassic Park for old EMDs: Vintage SDs labor on in heavyhaul duty in the Mojave desert

What’s in a name?

An encounter between a young college student named David Ingles and a Rock Island train crew crowned a generation of locomotives with a lasting moniker

Locomotive 2021 returns with the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of motive power trends, new locomotive production, rebuilds, and other changes in North American fleets. This year’s edition also pays tribute to the GE FDL engine. Plus, you’ll find compelling photography and locomotive stories from industry insiders. Don’t miss the best locomotive guide of the year!