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Video: Atlas HO Trainkids Acela Train Set

By | March 30, 2020

This HO scale battery powered train set features sound, lights, and track

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The Atlas Trainkids Acela Train Set has everything needed to get a youngster started in model railroading. Senior editor Dana Kawala shows you have to set up the track and get trains rolling. You can get the Atlas Trainkids Train Set and additional cars and track at

4 thoughts on “Video: Atlas HO Trainkids Acela Train Set

  1. Interesting situation on this Acela set. Opened the box on the same day( APR 3 ), that the MRR issue came in the mail with the Acela Set review. Had the same problem with loose nut inside remote, fixed that problem. Trying to run the loco, would not go. Needed to constantly hold down on loco on/off button to obtain operation. Called Atlas, return authorized. Also had ordered an extra coach to expand set. Box graphics shows ” Business Class Quiet Car, Car inside was standard Business Class graphics. Only advantage is that now set has one each ,First Class, Quiet Business,Standard Business, and Cafe cars. Apparently Atlas has poor Q.C.

  2. This concept of a battery powered radio controlled locomotive without having to program it is what they should offer in their scale models. It would be a game changer.

  3. I got one for my nieces. I had problems with one of the magnets and Atlas was quick to resolve. I got 3 extra cars and we run it on my HO layout. I find there is a lot of resistance in the axles. I put just a little graphite on them and it helps.

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