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Video: the On30 Marshfield & Old Colony

By Angela Cotey | May 19, 2020

| Last updated on November 18, 2020

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Mike Tylick’s On30 Marshfield & Old Colony is a freelanced switching layout featuring detailed New England scenes. See some of the unique equipment running on the narrow gauge railroad in this short video.

4 thoughts on “Video: the On30 Marshfield & Old Colony

  1. awesome scenery very well done layout,… thank you for posting. But the trains are “jumpy” and moving way too fast. The video is also way too short to give us the overall experience of a “layout visit” and should …more like a drive by peak…I think MRVP should invest in posting more time and effort into quality videos that hold the viewer/ subscribers attention so they feel like they are getting their moneys worth…rather than these quick hits. I apologize for the negative feedback and I don’t mean to be offensively critical, just constructive criticism from a a subscribers point of view.

  2. Incredible detail. This is the area I grew up in. You captured the feel of the location very well. I’m modeling the old colony division of the NYNH+H in 1920, from South Station to Plymouth Mass, With the Kingston Station where your line takes off for Boston.

  3. The scenery, atmosphere of that era, and especially the buildings, are truly magnificent! You have artistically captured the realism. Norman Rockwell would be proud. I live about 20 miles from that geographic location and can speak as an eyewitness. I only wish the video was longer with more close-up detail. Thanks Mike!

  4. Looks like a neat railroad, nice job Mike. I like it very much and will study your track plan and pictures in MR.

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