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Video: Paul Tartaglia’s HO scale Chester Ridge & Pennebrook

By Angela Cotey | October 19, 2020

| Last updated on November 19, 2020

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Paul Tartaglia’s HO scale Chester Ridge & Pennebrook is a freelanced railroad that’s inspired by the New York Central RR Putnam Division in southeastern New York State. Watch trains run through a few of the signature scenes on this well-detailed model railroad.

For those interested in operations, here’s a PDF of a sample switch list that Paul uses during operating sessions.

11 thoughts on “Video: Paul Tartaglia’s HO scale Chester Ridge & Pennebrook

  1. Unfortunately like almost all sounds, the horns are tinny and raspy, and the prime movers lack the deep depth heard in real life.I guess all internal sounds systems suffer this, not just yours. Thanks. Pete.

  2. Anyone looking for Joe Schiavone’s Put books should call the Danbury Railway Museum on Saturday and ask for the gift shop. I know we still have a number of books in stock. 203-778-8337.

  3. Thomas, indeed it is not John Schiavone who wrote the book. It was Joe. Also the co-author of Railroads through Westchester County was not Robert Banh but Robert Bang. My error.

  4. Robert, nice observation but the RED signal is on a diverging track to the left of the hoghead. Cant see it on the video.

  5. Your magazine says that one can download a copy of his switch list from the web site. Could you point me to the link, please, I cannot seem to find it on the page. Thanking you in advance. I was really impressed with the article.

  6. Very fine layout. It gave me some scenic ideas for my own layout as well as some trackside models to emulate.

  7. Nice layout. Good to see models of the New York Central! I checked on the books used to research the Old Put, on which the layout is based. The book “The Old Put”, by Joe, not John Schiavone is available on Amazon, for about $90.00!!!! I guess I’ll check the library to see if they have a copy. Thanks for the information, and the great video!!

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