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Video: HO scale New York & Long Branch model railroad

By Angela Cotey | September 19, 2013

| Last updated on December 2, 2020

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Kevin Surman models the New York & Long Branch RR, a short line that was jointly owned by the Central RR of New Jersey and the Pennsylvania RR, in the late 1950s. Watch passenger and freight trains run through detailed model railroad scenery, and get a panoramic view of this HO scale model train layout.

25 thoughts on “Video: HO scale New York & Long Branch model railroad

  1. Kevin, Layout looks great. Brought back lots of memories.
    I lived in South Amboy on 2nd St at the end and sat on the guard rail and watched trains every day. You really compressed alot of area in your space and captured the feel of railroading through South Amboy. Thanks.

  2. Love seeing the room around the layouts also. Hope to see more of this in the future. Great layout so far.

  3. Hi Kevin,
    First off let me say thank you for visiting me & my layout, I very much enjoyed meeting you & Sandy. Love the video of your layout, Lou's photos and video's show how talented you are. Hope some day I can visit you and see your great layout in person. Job very well done.
    Sam Novello

  4. I like very much but if you can put more picture on top but also under the layout to see as the wiring..
    thank good work.
    andre from canada

  5. I echo Steve Raque's comment about seeing more overall layout/room views in videos and articles. Kevin's layout and room are very nicely finished.

  6. Very nice layout! The room is finished off very nicely. I like to see these kind of shots in both videos and the magazine. There was a time when we never saw the surrounding room in magazine shots. I'm glad we do now because it is just as much a part of creating the layout as track and scenery.

    For this layout video, I would like to have seen some movement under the catenary portion of the layout. Not too often we get to see that.

  7. Very nice, love the opening shot the best, it exudes pure branchline Pennsy! Only question is why the turntable pit is so bright?

  8. I was having problems when I was still using my old computer with Windows XP. Now that I have a new one things work much better. My only wish is there would be longer videos! I love these offerings every month!

  9. From NJ, having rode the Jersey Central for the past 40 years
    I enjoyed seeing parts of the line in miniature I had
    not seen as a passenger on the Jersey Central passenger
    line along the coast from Manasquan to Newark.My current
    HO layout includes the GP7 and green heavy weight cars.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the video giving it a 5 star!

  10. beautiful layout memory lane for myself I used the new York and long branch to go to my job . many stories about the real thing.

  11. I seem to agree with a lot of posters about the length of the clip and the comments about MR Video plus.

    There is nothing flash about it i think, and you can see same thing on you tube. Without taking like robots.

    Anyway this layout looks great, love to see more of it on you tube one day:)

  12. Nice Layout but lousy video. I have to agree w/other comments.
    5 stars for layout , 2 stars for video.

  13. I live in the UK and it takes forever for a short video like this and those of Cody's Office to download, so I would would agree with both Bill and Kurtis…….why would I want to pay extra for MR Video Plus!
    No reflection on Kevin's modelling, that's terrific; I just wish I could see more of it!

  14. One of my favorite RR's but too much dead / no movement time wasted in the middle of the video. Bottom line – very little to appreciate in the video

  15. Kevin, great job on your railroad. The modelling is very impressive.

    However, I have to agree with Bill about MR Video plus. As more and more content moves from MR to MR Video plus, I find myself less and less pleased with my MR subscription. I will not pay to go to MR Video Plus. I may give up on MR soon too if the current trend continues.

  16. It is videos like this that keep me away from subscribing to MR's video edition. I can go see longer, more detailed, better quality videos of so many model railroads, for free, on Youtube. Why would I pay for miniscule content like this.

    No reflection at all on the model work, which is wonderful. I just wonder why MR bothers to show us such tiny snippets as this.

  17. Thanks for all the positive comments – I was really excited about having the layout in MR plus the video. The video originally had a section with a motive power exchange between a GG-1 and K-4, not sure what happened to it, but the staff at MR know what they are doing. Thanks again, Kevin

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