Videos & Photos Videos Beginners Basic Training, Episode 1 – Rail Joiners

Basic Training, Episode 1 – Rail Joiners

By | March 19, 2013

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Basic Training is a series of videos for modelers just starting out in the hobbby. In this episode, learn how to properly use rail joiners to connect sections of track for your model railroad.

2 thoughts on “Basic Training, Episode 1 – Rail Joiners

  1. when using plastic joiners they need to be placed where you have a block or where spurs and sidings end plastic joiners should be placed on the frog side of a turnout and before structures like signals and spur bumpers.

  2. rail joints are the bread and butter of track. one problem with these joints when you install them the rail can go over joint and the rails won't be line up (David calls this high riding) if this happens not only will the trains derail you can have shorts and the train win't run.

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