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Video: GoodDeals DCC Test Track

By | October 24, 2016

Check out the Model Railroader staff's new workshop HO and N scale test track

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GoodDeals DCC Test Track
At the National Train Show 2016 held in Indianapolis, Ind., the Model Railroader staff came across a line of professionally built test tracks from Good Deals DCC. Gary Cohn, president of Good Deals DCC, custom-built a 15-foot long version for the Model Railroader workshop. Follow along as Gary shows senior editor Dana Kawala how to set up and operate the test track.

9 thoughts on “Video: GoodDeals DCC Test Track

  1. I attended the Indianapolis Train Show and was lucky enough to get the last of the HO programming tracks this vendor had brought with him to the show. They were selling like hotcakes. Previously I had been using my own do-it-yourself programming track composed simply of a section of flex-track glued to a board — pathetic compared to this. His programming track is rock solid, well thought out, and looks great. I love the inclusion of bumpers, a re-railer, and solid terminals for making the electrical connections! I was feeling guilty that I bought this and didn’t try to build a better programming track by myself. But I feel better now knowing that the staff at Model Railroader did the same thing! I think this product is a good value and I feel that I totally got my money’s worth. Highly recommended! Check it out online. And thanks to the MR staff for getting the word out about this product.

  2. Hmmmm, I glued a 36″ section of Peco flextrack to a piece of 1 1/2″ foam. In fact, I went a bit further and installed two turnout so you could go between 2 parallel tracks thus testing how the engine moves over turnouts. Then I installed a between the track magnet so I could test uncoupling. At each end I have two wires coming up through the foam for power and I can run either DC or DCC on the test layout. My previous attempt was a 36″ section of Flex Track on a piece of 1/2″ foam. That works as well.

    Nice and light and portable.

  3. Looks like a nicely made product, however, I like to use my layout for this purpose. All it takes is an insulated block with a DPDT switch to switch from the main supply to the programming track supply coming from your DCC power pack. You can also speed match on the same track or use sidings.

  4. Gary has done a great job making these for all scales and gauges. Highly recommended by the Fox Valley Division, NMRA. Check his website. He mentioned he has done overseas shipping to happy customers. The MR staff was very excited to receive their new test tracks which can double as DCC program tracks and as Gary noted a double track version is great for speed matching locomotives.

  5. Andrew Chandler,
    If this video is still not playing for you, please send an email to Becky at or call (262) 798-6617 so she can assist you directly. If you choose to email her, please include your mailing address and phone number in the email. Thank you!


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