News & Reviews Product Reviews Video: Fleischmann/Roco Z21 WLANMaus throttle

Video: Fleischmann/Roco Z21 WLANMaus throttle

By | November 5, 2019

The WLANMaus wireless WiFi throttle works with the Fleischmann/Roco Digital Command Control (DCC) system

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The WLANMaus is an easy-to-use wireless WiFi throttle from Roco/Fleischmann that works with the firm’s Z21 Digital Command Control (DCC) system. Model Railroader senior editor Dana Kawala shows you some of the features of this DCC throttle in this quick demo.

One thought on “Video: Fleischmann/Roco Z21 WLANMaus throttle

  1. Hello, I need to find out how you get the thrre locomotives programed into the WLANmaus. No where have I found a step by step which enters the locomotives DCC address.
    1. Is it automatically receive the address or do I enter it?
    2. if so where and are the numbers like, say, ” BR 194″ ?

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