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Atlas N scale Fairbanks-Morse Train Master

By Cody Grivno | March 20, 2024

| Last updated on April 12, 2024

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The Atlas N scale Fairbanks-Morse Train Master, a part of the Master Line since 2000, is the subject of our latest Product Review video. Senior Editor Cody Grivno kicks things off by sharing a brief history of Erie-Lackawanna H24-66 No. 1854. Then he points features on the injection-molded plastic shell and demonstrates some of the sound and light features. Cody wraps up the video by running a freight train with the six-axle road unit.

The Atlas N scale Fairbanks-Morse Train Master is offered in Phase Ia, Ib, and II versions. Road names on the Phase Ia model are Erie-Lackawanna (gray, maroon, and yellow); Chihuahua Pacific (red and black); and Delaware, Lackawanna & Western (gray, maroon, and yellow). Paint schemes on Phase Ib models include Jersey Central (green and gold), Reading Co. (green and gold), and Southern Pacific (scarlet and gray). Phase II models are lettered for Canadian Pacific (gray, maroon, and yellow) and Pennsylvania RR (Dark Green Locomotive Enamel). The model is offered in two to three road numbers per scheme.

The latest run of the Atlas N scale Fairbanks-Morse Train Master is offered with a factory-installed speaker (Silver Series) and a dual-mode ESU LokSound V5 sound decoder (Gold Series). The die-cast metal chassis also received an overhaul. Unlike previous releases that used a split-frame chassis, the new run has a solid chassis. Wires run from the wipers to the printed-circuit (PC) board, and from the PC board to the motor contacts.

Other features on the N scale Train Master include a Scale Speed motor; painted safety rails; directional, golden-white light-emitting-diode headlights; etched metal grills; blackened metal wheels; and body-mounted Accumate couplers.

Direct-current models with a factory-installed speaker (Silver Series) are priced at $139.95. Models with a dual-mode ESU LokSound V5 decoder sell for $249.95.

Learn more about the Atlas N scale H24-66 Train Master in this Product Review. Product Review videos showcase the latest new items from manufacturers of products in Z, N, HO, S, O, and large scales. In the videos, you can watch locomotives in action, take a close-up look at details on freight cars, see kit components, and much more.

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One thought on “Atlas N scale Fairbanks-Morse Train Master

  1. Does anyone worked out how to get these Loksound equipped Atlas N scale locos to operate in consist?

    I purchased n scale Loksound FAs, S2s, FMs and RS2s with the intention of running them in consists. I’ve programmed the loco numbers into the decoders. Individually they run perfectly and all lighting and sound functions work. When I consist any two together they run fine but none of the lighting or sound functions work when consisted. When I kill the consist they work perfectly again.
    if I turn on the lights and sound and then consist the locos everything works until I turn the power off.
    I’m using a NCE Procab with Advance Consisting. All my other sound and non sound DCC locos work fine in consists.
    The Loksound online manual does not provide any values for CV21 and 22 that I can find. Values used for HO decoders don’t seem to work (thanks Tonys Train Exchange and Railfan220 for your help). I’ve tried adding the Byte values for the Cvs but again nothing I normally use seems to work.
    Atlas customer service didn’t have an answer and said they’d get back to me but after a month I’m still waiting.
    Hope you can help. Thanks

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