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Visiting Rapido Trains Inc

By Kent Johnson | September 16, 2022

Founder Jason Shron walks us through the headquarters

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Visiting Rapido Trains Inc | As part of their venture north of the U.S. border, Director David Popp and crew were treated to the world headquarters of Rapido Trains Inc, located in the Toronto, Ontario, metro-area. With company founder Jason Shron leading the way, cameras captured the office spaces, plus the very employees responsible for bringing so many new products to life. Be sure to watch it all, and you’ll also get an insider’s look at a notable, nearby layout and hobby shop too!

More about Jason Shron and Rapido Trains Inc

Want to know even more about Jason Shron? Read additional Q&As related to Jason’s modeling efforts. Even more, you can find a special peek into Rapido Trains Inc operations, plus a look at their collection of 1:1 scale railroad equipment – but only if you’re a unlimited member!

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