News & Reviews News American Model Builders announces closure

American Model Builders announces closure

By Mitch Horner | February 26, 2024

The manufacturer of the Laserkit product line has announced their closure after over 40 years in business.

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After over 40 years of business, American Model Builders Inc. has announced their closure via their website.

American Model Builders closure: a blue logo against a white background which reads "laserkit by american model builders"

A statement posted to reads: “American Model Builders is now closed and the LASERkit product line has been discontinued.

The family of the late John Hitzeman, founder and owner, and the extended AMB family, would like to thank the model railroad community and our contract customers for over 40 years of patronage!”

The St. Louis, Missouri-based manufacturer, best known for their Laserkit product line, which included offerings in HO, N, S and O scale, had initially opened in 1984.

5 thoughts on “American Model Builders announces closure

  1. Even if you don’t want to run the business anymore and you’re disinclined to sell for whatever reasons(perhaps tax related), at least put all the specs for your products online for others to download and use on their own at no expense. It doesn’t hurt the business since you’re closing it anyways…some people have no vision.

  2. That’s sad, I wish someone could have been allowed to keep the company running that way we can have laser cut buildings for our model railroads.

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