How To Track Plan Database The Milwaukee, Racine & Troy RR in HO scale (2024)

The Milwaukee, Racine & Troy RR in HO scale (2024)

By Mitch Horner | February 21, 2024

See the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy in its 2024 iteration

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Facts and features

Name: Milwaukee, Racine & Troy RR
Layout owner: Model Railroader staff
Scale: HO (1:87.1)
Size: 28 x 54 feet
Prototype: freelanced bridge line
Locale: Southeastern Wisconsin
Era: current day
Style: walk-in
Mainline run: approx. 200 feet
Minimum radius: 36″ (main)
Minimum turnout: no. 6 (main), no. 4 spurs
Maximum grade: 3 percent eastbound, 1.5 percent westbound (5.5 percent downgrade on staging ramp)
Benchwork: 1 x 4 open grid
Height: 49 3⁄4″ to 67 1⁄2″
Roadbed: cork on 3/4″ plywood
Track: code 83 flextrack
Scenery: plaster over cardboard webbing and Sculptamold over foam
Backdrop: painted hardboard, photo at Milwaukee Harbor and Port Marquette Yard
Control: CVP and NCE DCC (MRC on WSOR)


Milwaukee Racine and Troy trackplan: A model railroad trackplan with labeled locations and structures


One thought on “The Milwaukee, Racine & Troy RR in HO scale (2024)

  1. Is the spot on the left marked “photo backdrop” where the photo of Lake Michigan with a freighter went? When I watched the videos about it, I imagined it being on the other end of Jones Island. I LOVED how it looked in those videos, very inspirational to someone who grew up with the Great Lakes shipping going by his bedroom window.

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