How To Track Plan Database The Great Northern layout in N scale

The Great Northern layout in N scale

By Mitch Horner | December 14, 2022

This N scale 10-0' x 16-0' layout is modeled after the Pacific Northwest in the mid-1960s

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Facts & features

Name: Great Northern
Scale: N (1:160)
Size: 10-0′ x 16-0′
Prototypes:  Freelanced
Locale: Pacific Northwest
Era: Mid-1960s
Style: Walk-in
Mainline run: 86 feet
Minimum radius: 15″
Minimum turnout: no. 6
Benchwork: Modified L-girder
Height: 46″
Roadbed: Commercial foam roadbed
Track: Micro Engineering code 55 (main), Peco code 80 (staging)
Scenery: Extruded-foam insulation board and Woodland Scenics Shaper Sheet
Backdrop: Painted tempered hardboard
NCE digital command control

Download a PDF of this track plan!

The Great Northern layout in N scale
Great Northern


One thought on “The Great Northern layout in N scale

  1. I have been looking for a track plan. Thing is, this bench appears to be the exact same size as my bench. I don’t have 2 mains but, that is an easy fix. I have some ideas about the layout but, have struggled. This track plan has helped me formulate some of my ideas.

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