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N scale Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line

By | July 19, 2013

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Name: Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line
Layout designer: Bob Sprague
Scale: N (1:160)
Size: 12′-10″ x 13′-4″
Prototype: Norfolk Southern
Locale: Hershey, Pa.
Era: present
Style: multilevel walk in
Mainline run: 35 feet
Minimum radius: 15″ (except where noted)
Minimum turnout: no. 6
Maximum grade: 2 percent

Originally appeared in the September 2013 Model Railroader. Click on the link to download the PDF of this track plan.

7 thoughts on “N scale Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Line

  1. Being born and raised in Hershey, I was really hoping that there would have been layout photos with the article considering the factory in town is presently being torn down. Still very interesting to see how to model a straight line run into a loop layout.

  2. Nice layout, yet something is wrong.

    The recap states that the minimum radius is 15"; yet the layout plan shows that most of the curve radius's are 12".

    Which is correct??

  3. As I live near Hershey I thought about doing this in HO but I don't have enough space, this almost makes me think about trading all my HO for N but i have too much invested now. Bob you did a great job, it's too bad Hershey Co. is tearing down the chocolate plant.

  4. I'm thinking about doing this.I have HO scale but my layout is 12'2 x12'5.I got to run minimum radius 18 or bigger radius.I seen that the Reese's plant is right off 322 rt.They have 322 on the up around Middletown and Swatara creek.The old Factory is getting torn down.So if anyone could help me with some ideals would be great thanks.

  5. The track plan is missing the large limestone quarry operation between Palmyra and Annville. That is a major traffic generator on the real line and would be a great industry to model on the layout.

  6. Looks Great! Does anyone know what, if any, kits were used on this plan? I would love to model something like this!

  7. Wow, I've been working on a Hershey layout for about 9 mon now in HO scale. I'm glade to see others have the same idea.

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