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New York Central RR High Line

By | January 12, 2015

Online extra from Model Railroad Planning 2015

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Long stretches of elevated main line gave the New York Central RR’s 30th Street Branch its High Line nickname.
New York Central RR’s 30th Street Branch was known as the High Line because of its long stretch of elevated mainline track. Learn all about this interesting prototype railroad in the article below originally published in the May 2002 issue of Trains magazine.

3 thoughts on “New York Central RR High Line

  1. Many forget the High Line is still there today, now remade into an unusual elevated public park. Here and there tracks remain either embedded in the concrete walks or to one side with flowers and trees growing between the rails. Last spring our Boy Scout troop enjoyed a troop family hike along the High Line beginning at Penn Station (the boys like taking the train into the City). With numerous benches, public restroom access, food vendors, and some very unusual city views the approximately two-mile long park offers a very pleasant afternoon outing. I very much recommend a walk along the High Line for everyone but especially to rail buffs.

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  2. It's eye-opening to see some of the photos here. I've never seen a prototypical railroad that was laid out looking so much like the way so many model train layouts are. There are short passing sidings and even a double crossover. Wahoo!. Thanks.

  3. As much as trucks are "welcome" in NYC now, it would seem wise for reopening the high line.
    An investor could open a long haul cross dock facility in New Jersey or PA (outside the toll zone), ship railcars into NYC, let locals handle the in town deliveries. Even container traffic would have a direct to in town route.

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