How To Model Train Layouts Building the Milwaukee Road Beer Line

Building the Milwaukee Road Beer Line

By | March 27, 2009

Learn about this Model Railroader HO scale project layout

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15 thoughts on “Building the Milwaukee Road Beer Line

  1. Am a ‘follower’ of the Beer Line and was pleasantly surprised to see this initial “How To Series” on it. Have since take this track plan and stretched it out as an around the walls layout to equal about 2′ x 35′. The articles were very helpful in constructing an honest recreation of the actual trackage, and also in providing enough material to kit-bashing the unique structures that give one the “touch & Feel” of the actual line. Thanks to all who worked on this project, it was very encouraging. Also, listing where to purchase some of the details was a big help. THX for a very good series and am anxiously awaiting the beginning to the follow-up series in JAN 2017!

  2. Is there a parts list somewhere? Are there plans to convert it to N scale too. I'd like to try something like that!

  3. Great project layout. I'm continually impressed by how clever all of you are, especially David Popp. He's a great layout designer! His Naugatuck (sp?) Valley layout is also a masterful design. Looking at his original apartment track plan, you can see the potential for expansion that's built in. Awesome! Oh, my question: What kind of roller is Jim Hediger using to press down the track in Humboldt Yard and where did he get it from?

  4. Hello Mr. Tendick! I grew up in Platteville, WI, so am very interested to see what your research about the G&SW has turned up. I am also willing to share what I know about the end of the C&NW operations in Platteville in 1980 (when I was 13!). Best wishes on the layout.

    Karland K.

  5. I have watched the Beer Line videos and would like to know where you can purchase the track cutting pliers being used by the staff of Model Railroader . I am new to HO SCALE and want to do a layout from the groundup properly.Great job of providing techniques and know how.

  6. I personally love everything about this layout. I'm considering it for a future project of mine. Maybe it would be more helpful if you put all the magazine articles from building the layout into an Information Station pdf file. Once again, a wonderful project

  7. Hi Steven,
    You should be able to find good track cutting pliers at your local train shop or online. We use Xuron track cutters and you can order a pair at
    Hope this helps.

    Dana Kawala
    Senior Editor

  8. Watching the Beer Line being built has given me some great ideas on my own prototype-based layout of a now defunct small railroad, the Galena and Southwestern Wisconsin, which ran from Galena IL northward to Platteville, Wisconsin, and then as part of the C&NW buyout of the 1880's, all the way to Milwaukee.

    thanks for a wonderful article!

  9. I enjoyed the operating video, manily because my rr is operated very close to the way the beer line operates. I have a shelf style layout in my garage. The shelf is 16" wide by 23 ft long.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. I enjoyed watching, Building the Milwaukee beer line very much. All parts were very informative, however, I have one question. In part 2, attaching the feeder wires, Terry made it look very simple, however, i am using Bachman easy-track with ballast attached and am having trouble melting the plastic parts with the soldering iron. Does Terry have any suggestions? Again, everytime I view the beer line I discover something new.

  11. I have to agree with Jacob. You should offer this in an Information Station pdf. As a lifelong fan of the Milwaukee Road, I was in hog heaven!

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